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Backyard Tales

April 18, 2012

Hear ye, hear ye. Wild life enthusiasts rejoice! Let it be known that from this day on our backyard will be known as the "Durand's Bird Sanctuary", a fitting name for a place so full of wild life despite being really small.

Besides the bluebirds and chickadees nesting in our birdboxes, we discovered also in our Japanese maple, next to our grill, an American Robin nest with 4 eggs. No more barbecues until the little ones hatch. 🙁

American Robin eggs

I looked yesterday into the chickadee box. At least three babies have hatched and I think that probably the bluebirds too, because I have seen both, male and female, entering and leaving the bird house several times today. I’ll check tomorrow.

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  1. Is one of those an Easter egg also?

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