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2010 Canton Festival of the Arts

May 20, 2010

Their annual fine arts festival took place this past Saturday and Sunday in the historic Brown Park in downtown Canton. Its centerpiece was the Artist's Market with more than sixty exhibitors. The attendance was great, the food was fantastic and the organizers, volunteers and fellow artists are a really great group of people.

The forecast called for some rains, but the weather held out just until past closing hour on Sunday giving enough time for everybody to pack up and find cover. It was a hot and humid weekend but at least our tent was under a beautiful large tree which gave some protection from the sun the few times it decided to show up.

We showed for the first time two of our prints on canvas, Periwinkle Iris and Brook Reflection. Both, but in particular the Iris canvas, drew everybody's attention, with people pointing to it and in many, many cases getting very close and touching it. We also answered questions from a lot of people wanting to know how it was done.

In general, maybe as a result of these hard economic times, people bought smaller and less expensive items like our new desk calendars, which were a success.

Saturday afternoon, my older son and his family came for a visit. My grandson and future artist asked me for a piece of paper because "with so much art around" he was feeling inspired and wanted to do some drawings while my granddaughter, who is very much interested in creating her own jewelry, asked for tips and bead sources from some of the vendors.

Despite the weather it was a very nice weekend which was well spent with some very nice people.

Our booth

Our booth

General view


Looking at the Periwinkle Iris canvas

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Gallery wrap canvas

May 14, 2010

I just printed my first PixelGraphs photomontage on a new smooth matte canvas. I finished with a top-coat of Glamour 2 Varnish and mounted it using the gallery wrap method. It looks really good. The colors have  more vibrancy, the details more definition. I'm very pleased with the results and I will probably start offering my prints also on canvas.

Periwinkle Iris

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First baby Chickadee portrait

May 10, 2010

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A Chickadee Family Event

May 10, 2010

I’m sure you remember the female chickadee from a few weeks back that set out to build a nest, even if a little lopsided, in our bird house.

After she finished her work, she laid four eggs and at their proper time, all of them hatched. She is now the proud mother of four, just in time for Mother’s Day. They all look healthy and one of them is especially audacious.

It was hard to see them inside the bird house, and even harder to photograph them, because the plastic panel which is supposed to allow us to see inside was very dirty. We need to find a better way for next time.

Here is a picture of three of the chicks at the bottom of the nest.

And here is the fourth one, climbing the ramp and looking at the world outside.

The mother feeding the climber chick waiting for her at the door. The other three were not that happy and had to wait their turn until the mother was able to get inside.

By yesterday morning, three of the chicks had already gone. This is the last chick leaving the nest. I was its first flight and it flew directly into my blind. Maybe it got confused with the autumn leaves camouflage.

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