thank you!

As it usually happens with new enterprises, the road to this place has not been easy. Full of challenges but also filled with wonderful experiences, like the discovery of the immense richness of the Internet community where the answers are just a few clicks away and where there is always somebody ready to lend a hand and to share his or her knowledge.

Along the way we met many people and we made many friends.

This is to all of you, the ones we name and the ones who will remain anonymous. Without your guidance and your help we would still be at the starting point.

Thank you!

PixelGraphs photo art

Royce Blair, Chris Blair, Mitch Hughes and Mark Hughes from

Robin Lott from Right Hemisphere


PJ Taei. Mike and Vincent from WebNetHosting

Al Sparber and Gerry Jacobsen from ProjectVII

Stewart Souter from Carbonize

Russell Robinson from

Mike Hall from

Matt Kruse from

jscher2000 from

Klemen Stirn from PHP Junkyard

Michael J. I. Jackson from MJIJACKSON

Oliver Krueger from mediaANT

Miva Merchant

Bill Weiland from Emporium Plus

Scott Zielinski from Sebenza Studios

Lance Turner from