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East Cobb Library Exhibit – March 2013

February 28, 2013
Just finished installing my exhibition at the East Cobb Library. The display is right at the entrance and there was a lot of traffic during the time we were there. My work will be on display until March 31st.


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Backyard Tales – 2013 Edition

February 28, 2013

The last two days, a bluebird couple has been exploring one of ours bird houses. The male goes first, flies around and perches on its top and from there looks around, checking everything. The female comes then and enters the house. Hopefully they will like it and will nest there, like last year.

I would like them to realize that in real state what is important is location, location…

This particular bird house is in a very good neighborhood, inside a small but nice and secure backyard, with plenty of food and water nearby. And that without even mentioning about the mealworms that the landlords get for them after the babies are born.

All in all not a bad place for bluebirds. 🙂


This photo is from last year.

2013 Southeastern Flower Show

February 26, 2013

Four of my PixelGraphs will be in display during the Southeastern Flower Show at the Cobb Galley Centre,  from March 15 to March 17.

LRES- pale pink roses

Pale Pink Roses

Orchid Daze

February 4, 2013

In two more days, on February 6th, the Atlanta Botanical Garden will open its yearly orchid exhibit. This year promises to be different, a “surprising juxtapositions of fanciful flowers and playful objects inspired by surrealist imagination.”

I think it will it suit me perfectly.

While we wait, this is my own Orchid Daze portrayal.

LRes- Orchid Daze

About nicknames…

February 2, 2013

My husband calls me "Dennis the Menace" because I can't leave anything well enough alone. My daughter calls me "The Roadrunner" because I can't stand still for long. Taken together, those two nicknames give a good idea of how I work.

Working at the computer is not a static job for me. On one hand, I really get immersed in my work, my mind following each stage, calculating how any of the many options in my tool box could bring my vision to life. But on the other, I'm coming and going many times during that process, either to retrieve something I just remembered I needed or to look for something I lost or I was supposed to do before I forget again.

All that activity gives me a different perspective each time. Every time I can see my work anew and it is then when I discover the speck that needs to be removed or the need for something that is missing.

LRES- Creation - Callaway Iris

After that comes the most difficult part of my work, to decide when it is done. Sometimes, when the print is part of a series that shares common elements it is easier, because the main concept of the work is already there. But when starting with a new idea, it is much harder. It seems that there is always a way to improve it, to make it closer to what I imagined.

And I suppose that there is also a small sense of loss, of being on the outside after all the time spent 'inside'.