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Smyrna Library One Woman Show

March 21, 2016

Some comments left on my Guest Book:

Beautiful works! My ranking: 1.-City Moon 2.-Sunflower Girl 3.-Fading Memories 4.-Dutch Iris 5.-Winter is Coming - N.P.

Fabulous, so creative. - D.S.

Beautiful! Especially fascinated by ones that are in glass! - A.J.

Wonderful Show. So Imaginative! - B.A.

Beautiful to look at. More surreal than any photo I do. - R.A.

Gorgeous Work! Such excellent Talent! Truly 'Haunting'. - E.E.

Pictures are beyond beautiful. - A.S.

In All my Art School Days... I've Never Seen Such Beautiful Flowers and Blended Creativity. Best Wishes + Thank you For Sharing your Artistic Soul. - S.S.G.

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