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Mega art galleries?

August 30, 2013

First it was the Big Macs, then the McMansions and now the mega galleries.

Like museums, some gallery spaces now boast auditoriums, screening rooms, roof gardens and bookstores. Shows at the dozen biggest galleries are often planned two years in advance and can take more than a month to install."

This Wall Street Journal article in its Arts & Entertainment section, Attack of the Giant Art Galleries, explains the surge of giant art galleries to fit enormous art works that take months to install and require more room for display.

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The 3D printing revolution reaches the art museums

August 30, 2013

... and museums around the world are now using this technology to reproduce their priceless collections as 3D-printed objects which museum visitors can interact with like never before."

Very interesting article in the FineArt America blog talking about this new technology and the way some museums are starting to use it.

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2013 SAAG National Juried Show

August 29, 2013

I just received notice that my three entries into the 2013 SAAG  National Juried Show were accepted.

LRES Fading Memories

Fading Memories is one of them. The other two are Seasons – Winter and Seasons – Summer.

A total of 133 two-dimensional pieces and 30 three-dimensional pieces were selected from over 400 total entries.

The Opening Reception will be October 19 from 5 to 7pm at The Art Center, 420 West Main St., Blue Ridge, GA.

Another day, another rose…

August 25, 2013
Morning Rose

Morning Rose

From Raw to PixelGraphs

August 23, 2013

All the elements are there. In this particular case nothing have been removed or added, with the exception of the signature. 🙂

It was just a question of changing, adjusting and playing with some controls -  using some fantastic new tools in Photoshop . The operative word is "playing" because it's a lot of fun to watch the image develop all its potential and transform into what you imagined right before your eyes.


The raw image, as it was taken.

The raw image without any editing.

rose enhanced

The final image after been enhanced using computer tools and techniques.

Circle of Life – Teardrops… How it came to be

August 10, 2013
Circle of Life - Teardrops

Teardrops was accepted into the Artists' Guild of Spartanburg 40th Annual Juried Show It will be on display at the Spartanburg Art Museum, from September 3 to October 13.

Last spring we went to see the Frida & Diego exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta. Even though the whole exhibit was impressive, it was the pain in her paintings which impacted me most. Her suffering was almost palpable. The physical pain caused by the many injuries she suffered in an accident, and the emotional pain because of her inability to have children as a result of it.

Before leaving the museum we went to see one of our favorite’s permanent pieces, the Anish Kappor fragmented mirror and, of course, I took some pictures of its many reflections and changing colors.

Once home, all those emotions took shape. I created the teardrops using pieces of the mirror’s photos and used another one for the background. The resulting image conveys not just pain but also hope.