what they are

"I blend reality with fantasy. My Pixelgraphs are partly photographs, partly dreams. Each of them is a world in itself, a world in which colors and textures give form to my imagination."


My work combines photography with digital artistic techniques and elements. My tools are the tools of this century: computers, digital cameras, pens and tablets - virtual canvases and virtual paints.

It starts by selecting one photograph from the many I have taken. What makes me choose that one in particular? Hard to say… sometimes it’s not even the best of the bunch but it has some unique quality, some distinctive element that hints at what it could possibly become. The work starts by editing and enhancing it. Later I extract from it the part or parts I want to use in my new work, and then add a different background - which could be another photograph and/or a series of gradient overlays or textured transparent layers - in order to create the image that I envisioned.

Each art print is produced individually using pigment inks and quality archival art paper or canvas. For more information, please read the FAQs section.

Reviews and Awards

2013 - The Bascom Center for the Visual Arts - Highlands, NC
Mountains in Bloom - Photography Division

Pink Mums - Best on Show

Juror comment: “This photograph is an example of a good use of digital manipulation and resulted in a very interesting composition. Very well done.”

Brook Reflection – Second place ribbon


2013 - 22nd Annual Juried Exhibit at the Blue Ridge Art Center - Seneca, SC.

Cathedral - Third place ribbon

“In assigning the awards I chose to reward artists who not only possess formal excellence but also have the sensitivity to use it with elegance and purpose. The 3rd place award goes to Celia Durand whose piece titled ‘Creation Cathedral’ conveys a sense of luminosity through digital veils of color. Like stained glass, the image uses textures and shapes to organize and direct the ephemera."
   Todd McDonald, Associate Professor of Painting at Clemson University, Juror


2013 - Southeastern Flower Show – Photography Division – Atlanta, GA

Winter Cardinals - Third place ribbon

Juror comment: “Wonderful quality of light. Contrast of monochromatic environment and vibrant birds works well.”


2012 - Gilmer Arts Juried Harvest Show – Ellijay, GA

Mountains in Bloom - Third place ribbon

“This particular work, a digitally-enhanced photograph, was also a real eye-catcher! The concentric composition keeps the eye moving around the scene, while the horizontal line of lavender is a wonderful counter-balance to that movement and allows the eye to rest and focus on the central theme of the composition. There are also wonderful variances of hard and soft textures, as well as cool and warm color. Thus piece is unique, creative and interesting and shows the artist’s command of her media of choice.”
   Camile Day, Juror