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Angel of the Falls – The Backstory

October 13, 2009

A couple of years ago, my husband and I visited Minnehaha Falls. Autumn was almost gone but the light was still golden, the temperature pleasant, and my camera ready. It was the ideal setting for some nice photos until I noticed a bunch of kids hovering around. Sitting by the edge of the water, resting against the large stones, scattered between the trees, “ruining” my perfect picture.

After several tries to capture just the falls and feeling disappointed, I was ready to quit when my husband said: “Look at them; they are meditating and praying.” They were a group of summer campers from different places reunited at that time and place to find God in Nature.

And then I saw my Angel of the Falls, sitting on a large stone in the middle of the stream, with his eyes closed and his head resting on his arms.

Nameless and ageless, he will stay like that forever.

Angel of the Falls

Angel of the Falls

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  1. Knowing the background to this PixelGraph has really changed how I look at it. Now I really do see an Angel; a bit pensive but an angel.

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