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Last night’s storm…

April 16, 2011

Last night. Hail and leaves cover the ground.

Last night's storm created havoc on our backyard garden. Hail the size and shape of medium sized bird’s eggs fell with the speed and the fury of machine-gun fire.

The noise inside the house was terrifying; and outside, the sound of the tornado siren could be heard despite the clatter of the rain and the wind.

The storm literally covered the ground with bit and pieces of leaves and small branches. Green leaves were plastered on the windows, upstairs and downstairs, like sad window framed art.

This morning. The hail melted, the leaves are still there.

Several of my hanging geraniums lost all of their flowers and many of their leaves. In the shaded corner of the garden, the hostas look as if an elephant trampled on them. The ferns, maybe because of their smaller needled leaves, better withstood the fury of the storm.

Yesterday, before the storm, our small garden was like a picture of beauty, peace, and tranquility. Today it looks like a war was fought and lost there.

Looking at so much destruction, I also worry about the birds which visit our feeders daily. How did they survive the rage of the hail and the wind? I have seen a few come back today but only the next days will tell us the whole story.

Despite my sadness for the loss of so much work and the damage to so many beautiful plants and flowers we were lucky, both personally and regionally, because nobody was killed in Georgia and our house was not damaged. Our thoughts go out to those in other regions who were not as fortunate.

Now we just have to wait for nature to heal itself. It will take some time, but it will and my garden will be back to its normal peaceful and beautiful self.

This photo was taken yesterday afternoon, before the storm. Hopefully this dianthus plant will flower again.

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  1. Yes Nature does heal itself. Glad you and your home were ok. We heard about the storms – even over here. Take care. Laura

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