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The Orchid House

March 11, 2011

Last Tuesday we visited the Orchid House at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. The setting is tropical with thousands of orchids in full bloom on display. Combining that with several water features makes it a very beautiful place.

Entering the formal garden, with its raised flowers beds and pergolas, is like experiencing an explosion of color. You can find most of the colors of the rainbow in the form of orchids from pale yellow to dark red, including the white Sarraceniaceae from the tepuis in Venezuela (which means "house of the gods" in the tongue of the local natives).

The naturalistic garden is a little less colorful but more adventurous. If you look carefully you can find rare orchids from far away parts of the world hidden in the heavy foliage.

Close-up photography

A day well spent and a promise to ourselves of more visits to see all the other gardens and the canopy walk.

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