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Orchid Garden

March 23, 2012

My indoor orchid garden, eight plants strong, requires work, time and patience, but once a year several of them compensate me for all my hard work with their flowers. Now is that time of the year. Four of them are in bloom: one is not doing too well but the other three are showing off in all their splendor.

The rest don’t seem to like very much their new home. One came from Hawaii and it has never bloomed. Probably not enough humidity or sun. But it keeps growing new leaves; maybe one of these days it will surprise me.

A white-lavender-blue C.G. Roebling 'Sentinel' is the last kid on the block, I just got it a couple of months ago. When it finally blooms it’s going to be beautiful but it will probably take some time. I have learned to wait; it took a couple of seasons for my other plants to start blooming but it was worth it.

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